Awesome Team Building Activities in Doha!

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BOUNCE offers the BEST team building activities in Doha. Forget the trust falls and orienteering – BOUNCE is where teams get elevated.

Why the BOUNCE Team Building Experience Works…

  • It breaks the ice with new team members
  • It’s more beneficial than the traditional team “Night Out”
  • We help break down all those social barriers
  • The most inclusive & fun filled team day out in the Doha!


It has been refreshing to see more and more team building events come through BOUNCE of late, with companies moving away from the traditional night out and having more emphasis on actual team development and relationship building.

BOUNCE has heard this call, and through trial and development we have put together a 2-3 hour program that smashes down those social barriers, breaks the ice and involves the whole team.


With an opportunity to BOUNCE around with bosses and colleagues… BOUNCE team building activities get you and your team access to the entire spring loaded playground. BOUNCE staff will be dedicated to you for the entirety of your session with structured activities such as:

Trampoline Volleyball Big Bag Catch & Throw
Run the Race Team Dunk
Trampoline Charades Target Practice
Dodgeball Knock Out Add-on
Ultimate Dodgeball Tournaments Conquer The Wall

It is an active and fun team building experience that is inclusive for everybody. Our staff gives the teams carefully planned games that target Leadership, Team Work, Communication and Head-to-Head Competition. We would love to get your team down or even pitch a competition between a few teams to see who really is the best!