Freestyle is all about expressing yourself through movement. Whether you’re trying to master your first flip into the Big Bag or learning how to run The Wall, it’s the ultimate place to get a taste of Freestyle! Learning new skills takes your freestyle to the next level – and it’s even better when it’s with your squad!

So, let’s level up together at BOUNCE – the Home of Freestyle! 

Here’s what you’ll need to bring to the venue

  • In line with Government guidelines, all customers must be fully vaccinated to enter the venue.
  • All customers are required to show a valid Ehteraz App upon entry.You will also be required to show your Qatar ID at the entrance.

Additional Points to Remember

  • For capacity reasons all Non Jumpers will be required to purchase a Spectator ticket at the entrance and remain in a designated seating area.
  • For children who require closer supervision, we encourage parents to purchase a jumping ticket to enjoy the experience with them.
  • If you have had COVID 19 within the past 9 months and recovered, you can enter the venue.  Please bring your immunity certificate or EHTERAZ app with recovery date and your Qatar ID with you.
  • All kids 12 years and below must be accompanied by a parent
  • Unvaccinated customers may book tickets in venue due to capacity restrictions

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Tribe!

Click here to check out our safety measures.
For any questions – contact +97444086500

Expert analysis conducted by the Royal Children’s Hospital (Australia) with modelling of data supplied by BOUNCE, has shown that significant injuries in Middle East trampoline parks operated by BOUNCE Inc were very rare, with a rate of 0.07 significant injuries per 1,000 jumper hours. 

The rates of trampoline park injuries calculated by this analysis compare favourably with that of other tackle-style sport making us safer than a game of tennis!

Source: The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, Analysis of Trampoline Injuries (2017-2019), October 2021