Whether it’s team building, end of season events, family fun days or just as an awesome way to bring your team together, BOUNCE events are healthy, different and will have you smiling and laughing like a big kid!

the best team building activities

The whole space is available to explore. The entire team can cut loose, take flight and feel the rush of pure adrenaline as you jump from area to area and unleash your free spirit. Challenge eachother in EPIC Dodgaball tournaments and for the adrenaline hunters, you can now try out the X-Park adventure challenge course!

It has been refreshing to see more and more team building events come through BOUNCE, with companies moving away from the traditional night out and having more emphasis on actual team development and relationship building.

BOUNCE offers the BEST team building activities in Doha. Forget the trust falls and orienteering – BOUNCE is where teams get elevated. All classes go for minimum 1 hour and multiple hours can be booked upon request.

Why the BOUNCE Team Building Experience Works…

  • It breaks the ice with new team members
  • It’s more beneficial than the traditional team “Night Out”
  • We help break down all those social barriers
  • The most inclusive & fun filled team day out in BOUNCE Qatar!

Hosted Group

Hosted groups offer a fun filled experience where groups are rotated around the venue accessing all BOUNCE areas including all Jumping Areas, Big bag and X-Park!

A trained BOUNCE HOST will ensure and AMAZING experience.
– maximising fun whilst enforcing safety

Session focus is about fun and participation

If required, classes can be tailored to suit interests