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BOUNCE is a sports facility that harnesses the rebound benefits of Trampolining and uses it to deliver a unique challenge and adventure school trip experience.

We are proud to have hosted over 100,000 school kids and several school trips at BOUNCE since opening our facility in 2014 and also proud to be The Best Indoor Sport And Recreational Facility in the entire Gulf region


The ultimate school experience

Whether it’s a big or small group, we can design a tailor-made program that ensure maximum individual and group participation, making sure there are fun activities and challenges involved for kids of all skill levels.

Our team of highly trained hosts makes sure everybody plays safe and reaps the rewards in our activities. Trampolining is a low-impact activity that simultaneously improves coordination and boosts cardio fitness. But the kids don’t need to know that – they can just enjoy exploring a playground where the rules of gravity don’t apply.

If you just want to come in and have fun as a group, BOUNCE also offers unhosted sessions at all our venues.

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BOUNCE offers 3 core programs for schools that can be tailored to suit primary and secondary students. All classes go for minimum 1 hour and multiple hours can be booked upon request.


BOUNCE Education - School Trips

Bounce ed

BOUNCE ED is a contemporary, fun and safe new curriculum resource and program that promotes active participation, regardless of skill level. Based on the IB curriculum but adaptable to all the curriculums in the region, BOUNCE has created an all inclusive physical interpretation of what the kids learn in the classroom, with the efficient and effective exercise benefits of rebound activities.

BOUNCE ED school trips include Forces & Motion and Human Body lesson plans.

  • A trained host will run the session with support from teachers when required
  • Sessions are specially designed for each school level
  • Allows students to develop new skills in a safe and inclusive environment


Hosted Group

Hosted school groups offer a fun filled experience where students are rotated around the venue to experience all different activities including Free-Jump, Dodgeball, X-Park, Slam Dunk, Performance area and the Big Bag.

  • A trained host will host the experience – maximising fun whilst enforcing safety
  • Session focus is about fun and participation
  • If required, classes can be tailored to suit school interests



We currently have several schools using us as part of their Enrichment Program or After School Activities (ASA). Just the same format as the Hosted Group school trip, but each week our team gets to know the kids and help facilitate their physical, social and emotional growth through the BOUNCE FREESTYLE ACADEMY.

Trampolining is amazingly beneficial for early development, and we are very excited to be a part of creating a generation of SUPER FIT, SUPER HUMANS!

  • A trained host will run the experience
  • Classes can be tailored / themed to student needs
  • Sessions include access the various areas of the venue, i.e. Slam Dunk, Free Jump, Big Bag

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