Jumping on trampolines can result in injury. Using the BOUNCE facilities is undertaken in accordance with the rules and conditions displayed throughout BOUNCE.

When buying a ticket to jump at BOUNCE you are deemed to have understood and accepted the terms and conditions outlined in the below Waiver which is also displayed throughout BOUNCE.


Exclusion of liability – waiver of right to sue – your assumption of risk – these conditions affect your legal rights!

BOUNCE Sports Center LLC (BOUNCE), as the supplier of recreational services, sells all tickets and supplies all recreational services and facilities to you (the customer) including, but not limited to trampolining, climbing, ropes courses, football, basketball, trampolining lessons, use of the wall, bag jump, any additional venue activities, equipment rental and maintenance, the condition, layout, construction, design, maintenance and use of the facilities, the presence of people or objects thereon, the surrounding areas and any other associated sporting activities or similar leisure time pursuits (recreational activities) in the BOUNCE venue subject to the following conditions:
By purchasing a ticket for or by using any of the facilities at any BOUNCE venue, you, the customer, and your dependents agree to be bound by these conditions:
(1) You understand and are aware of the risks involved and agree to accept responsibility for you and your dependents subsequent, informed and voluntary participation. General use of any of the activities can result in injury.

(2) Your use and/or dependents use of the BOUNCE facilities is undertaken in accordance with the rules and conditions displayed throughout BOUNCE.

(3) Children must be at least 3 years of age to use the facilities at any BOUNCE venue and when less than 12 years of age must be supervised by a responsible adult. Where you are responsible for such children you agree to be bound by these conditions on their behalf and you will directly supervise them at all times. Further Restrictions may apply to any of the BOUNCE facilities which must also be adhered to.

(4) BOUNCE has implemented all necessary safety measures without removing the inherent nature of the activities.

(5) You understand that during your or your dependents’ participation, you or they may be exposed to a variety of hazards and risks, both anticipated and unforeseen. You are fully aware of the services, equipment and/or other facilities that are offered at BOUNCE. You understand and accept that the activities associated with the BOUNCE facilities can be physically demanding. You are also fully aware of your physical limitations, and you expressly represent with respect to yourself and any dependents or participants in your care suitable health and preparation (including appropriate training, equipment, and experience) to safely participate. Accordingly, you expressly assume all such risks and use the BOUNCE facilities at your own risk.

(6) You individually and/or for any/all of your dependents, understand and accept that the activities that you or they will engage in at BOUNCE involve inherent and other risks. These risks can result in varying degrees of physical harm, personal injury disfigurement and potentially death.

(7) You understand and accept that these activities are strenuous and can be dangerous and require a degree of physical ability, maturity and skill. You understand that BOUNCE will make neither evaluation nor recommendation with regard to your sufficient physical fitness for engaging in the activities provided.

(8) You acknowledge that it is your sole discretion to use and allow your dependents to engage in the activities provided and will assume all risks, both inherent and other risks and accept responsibility for any personal property damage and loss in addition to any degree of physical harm you and/or your dependents may suffer.

(9) You understand that failure, deliberate or otherwise to adhere to the rules and regulations or misuse of any equipment will result in full liability being assumed by the participant, your dependents and you.

(10) All tickets remain the property of BOUNCE and cannot be refunded, transferred or resold. They are valid only for the date shown and are void if tampered with.

(11) If you purchase a ticket for the use of the trampolines or any other equipment or facilities at any BOUNCE venue on behalf of another person, you and that other person both agree that you make that purchase as the authorized agent of that other person so that he/she will be bound by these conditions.

(12) BOUNCE may use any photographs, video footage of you, your dependents, or other minors in your care who use our facilities, collected during your use of our facilities for publication and for use in advertising or promotional material. Such photographs or video footage may appear (whether on their own or in conjunction with other photographs, video footage and/or text graphics) on social media platforms such as Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; You tube; and/or Snapchat. You hereby grant BOUNCE the unfettered right to use all such photographs and/or video footage in such manner and hereby grant us permission to record, store, transmit, reproduce, replicate, modify, advertise and generally exploit all such photographs and video footage for our benefit and in such manner as we in our discretion deem appropriate. Note also that BOUNCE operates closed circuit television cameras on-site which may be re-cording footage of you, your dependents, or other minors in your care while using our facilities. You consent to our use of all such footage in the manner described above and agree that the purpose for using such photos and/or video footage is for advertising, marketing and promotional purposes only and is not intended to insult, defame or slander any person. You acknowledge and agree that your consent and agreement to the above is given for yourself as well as on behalf any dependents or other minors in your care while using our facilities. You also agree not to take photos for any commercial use or for any purpose other than as a personal souvenir without the express written consent of BOUNCE.

(13) You accept responsibility for your own belongings, valuables and possessions, including Wallets, Purses, Keys, Watches, Cash, Phones, Credit Cards, Cars, Clothing and any other item you possess. BOUNCE does not accept any liability and will not replace, reimburse or provide any compensation for such items should they be misplaced, stolen, damaged, destroyed or lost at any BOUNCE facility. Your items are your responsibility.


To the fullest extent allowed by law, you irrevocably and unconditionally agree to forever waive, release from liability and discharge claims against BOUNCE, its employees, directors, owners and its subsidiaries and affiliates from, and agree not to pursue any form of legal action for any, and all liabilities or claims that you and or any of your dependents’ participation in the activities and use of any and all equipment and facilities at BOUNCE including but not limited to any indirect, consequential, special and/or punitive loss of any kind whatsoever. This release refers to all claim types, including breach of contract fraud, or any other suit and includes losses alleged to be caused by the negligence of BOUNCE to the fullest extent permitted by the law. You also agree that you are responsible for any and all medical costs, including, but not limited to ambulance, hospital, pharmacy, physiotherapy, psychological, rehabilitation or other medical costs.


You are aware that it is advisable to consult a doctor or physician before undertaking any physical activity. You warrant that you, and/or your dependents do not suffer from any permanent or temporary medical condition and/or incapacity which may impair your and/or your dependents ability to use and participate in the activities and services and further, that you, and/or your dependents do not suffer from any heart condition, epilepsy, allergies, skeletal conditions, spinal, history of sport injury or any other medical condition which may result in you and/or your dependents potentially placing yourself and/or your dependents in a position of risk by participating in the activities/services.

BOUNCE Sports Center LLC may provide emergency services as it shall deem appropriate in its absolute and sole discretion. You must make your own determination as to the sufficiency of such services. In the event of medical or fire services being summoned in emergency for reasons attributable to you, the cost thereof shall be paid by you whether such service has been called by the venue staff of some third party or you or otherwise on your behalf.

Pregnant individuals are not permitted to take part in any of the activities at BOUNCE.

These conditions shall be governed by and construed firstly in accordance with the laws of Qatar in which your purchase is made (the courts of which shall have exclusive jurisdiction).

If any of these conditions should be determined to be void, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, such conditions shall be deemed deleted and the remaining conditions shall remain and continue to be valid, binding and enforceable.

By purchasing a ticket and entering the facility you hereby declare your legal responsibility for yourself and/or your dependent(s). On behalf of yourself and/or your dependent(s) you agree to all of the above terms stated in this document and agree to indemnify BOUNCE from any and all litigation that may be brought by or on behalf of the dependent(s). You agree not to bring any litigation against BOUNCE. You agree to pay any and all legal costs incurred by BOUNCE in defense of any litigation brought against BOUNCE.